The Rebirth of Noble: Revenge Scan

The Rebirth of Noble: Revenge

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At 3, father disappeared. At 15, became paralyzed. At 16, mother died in a car accident. At 19, was framed by the uncle. At 22, was set on fire by own fiance and his girlfriend. Maybe the heavens felt pity, allowed Lu An to return to her 15 year old life. To face all the obstacles of her past life, she chose to be a high-class noble, determined to not let those who bullied her to have a happy ending!

349 Chapter
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Chongsheng haomen zhi qiangshi guilai ,Chóngshēng háomén zhī qiángshì guīlái ,Rebirth of the Rich and Wealthy ,Reborn: House of Revenge ,Reincarnation of the Aristocrat ,重生豪门之强势归来