Princess in the Prince’s Harem Scan

Princess in the Prince’s Harem

Summary :

Wei Yi Yi is one of the most beautiful and talented women of the kingdom. After being called ugly by the Emperor, she decides to take revenge by painting him in the most ugly and ridiculous ways! She didn’t plan for the master painter of the palace to notice her and ask for her to become his apprentice…

169 Chapter
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Authors :
Zhi Zhen
Alternative titles :

I'm a Tyrant in His Majesty's Harem ,I'm becoming a Master of the Imperial Palace! ,Princess in the Prince's Harem ,Ta làm lớn ở hậu cung ,Wo Zai Huang Gong Dang Ju Ju ,Wo Zai Huanggong Dang Juju ,我在后宫当巨巨 ,我在後宮當巨巨 ,我在皇宫当巨巨 ,황제의 절세 신하