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Pokemon Adventures is broken up into several distinct parts that are known as chapters, and those, subsequently, are broken up further into many smaller chapters and volumes. There are thirteen major sections with certainly one of them partly printed, plus ten of them fully printed. The primary story reveals Red, the protagonist, who gets his Pokedex from Professor Oak to begin on gathering Pokemon his Pokemon journey and fighting health club leaders for the eight coveted health club badges. After in his journey, he sees con artist Green (Azure in Japanese), who sells him imitation Pokemon things. She’s stolen the one from Oak’s laboratory, a Squirtle and evolved it into a Wartortle. Save Oak and they manage to defeat Team Rocket. Red subsequently travels to the Indigo Plateau to fight with his opponent Blue, having acquired seven badges, but in addition wins from the bad bio-weapon renowned lost Viridian Gym Leader and Mewtwo and Team Rocket’s leader, Giovanni, on the way. Red and Blue in the Pokemon League Championships later combat and emerges triumphant, claiming the title of winner of the Pokemon League. In sharp contrast to the primary story, there’s a small upsurge in initial and violence plots, which is taken onto additional storylines. They aim to entice him to them, to be able to get advice on the location of Giovanni. In addition they wanted his Earth Badge. As Red had helped her get a Rattata to train her in the abilities of fighting yellow determined to go look for Red. They discovered that Lance’s master plan was to make use of the Gym Badges and make an amplifying effect at Cerise Island to power up a Legendary Pokemon that was cryptic and ruin all people on earth except themselves. They believed that Pokemon and people are not designed to coexist. Red turned up after at Cerise Island to aid Bill get the better of Bruno and Surge. Additionally it is disclosed that Giovanni was the person who saved Red from his ice coffin. Their power is sent by the trainers to Yellow, and with their combined strength she manages to get the better of Lance. The next experience is dependant on the Pokemon Gold, Silver, variations of the sport, and Crystal. It features Crystal, Silver and the protagonistsGold, and is centered mainly around the Johto region. In compliance with all the matches, Team Rocket attempts to create a recovery as a fresh team called Team Neo Rocket, but instead of being conquered before Gold reaches the Pokemon League (as it occurs in the game), Team Neo Rocket really assaults the League. In the search to steal back Totodile of Gold, he determined to become totally involved in his life. In a shocking reveal, it turns out among the fitness center leaders is the leader of the Team Neo Rocket. The Sapphire & Ruby Saga is dependant on the Sapphire and Ruby versions of the sport. It features their stake to every other: 80 days for Ruby and Sapphire and Ruby to win each of the Contest Ribbons in Hoenn, as well as a strong trainer in her own right, for Sapphire, to fight each of the Gym Leaders for the 8 badges. Team Aqua and team Magma is introduced here, as they try to awaken the mythical Pokemon Kyogre and Groudon to overcome the planet, after seeing several primary members within their journeys, and Ruby and Sapphire take notice. Sapphire, Ruby, and the health club leaders wind up attempting to shield Hoenn from the awakened Groudon and Kyogre.

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Hidenori Kusaka
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ポケットモンスター SPECIAL, ポケットモンスタースペシャル, Pocket Monsters Special, Pokémon Adventure, Pocket Monster Special, Pokémon Special, PokéSpe, PokéSpecial, Pokemon