Haomen Tianjia Qianqi Scan

Haomen Tianjia Qianqi

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Jianmo, known as the ‘Campus Flower’ gets separated from the other party after her boyfriend decides to study overseas after graduation. The couple decides to keep a distant relationship and wait for the other partner before starting their new life together. One evening, the female party gets into trouble after having a drink with one of her trusted ones, but little did she know about the nightmare that would follow, the nightmare that would come to change her for good…

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Ex-wife of a Billionaire ,Hào Môn Thiên Giới Tiền Thê ,Háomén tiānjià qiánqī ,The Expensive Ex Wife of a Wealthy Family ,The Expensive Ex-wife of a Wealthy Family ,一夜危情:豪门天价前妻 ,豪门天价前妻 ,이혼해줄래요?